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La Sudaca Food is an Argentinian-Australian family business that supplies wholesale South American gourmet cuisine to restaurants, cafes and other food outlets.

Our speciality is the mouth watering Empanada!

The idea for La Sudaca Food was born on the back of a rusty motorbike in the high altitude air of Northern Argentina. The motorbike had delivered the 2 of us, at little more than walking pace, the 2000kms from Buenos Aires, village by village. We had seen the land, met many great people and tasted the amazing food of the country. From the river fish of Rosario to the BBQ of Cordoba to humitas, tamales, locro and of course the empanadas of each region. It was, in fact, the empanada that we craved most at the end of a cold day on 2 wheels fighting the wind and the trucks.

The distinct ingredients and method of cooking the empanada, from town to town, province to province, made the tastes always so varied and exciting. The humble country people who served us in their humble country houses added another element to the experience that continued all the way to Colombia.

We walked through the incredible fresh produce markets in Bolivia, ate the delicious seafood of Peru, the hearty stews of Ecuador and the tasty arepas of Colombia. On arrival to Bogota, 4 months after our departure, we were convinced that our next project would be to bring these tastes of South America to the people of Australia.

Do you want to offer our Empanadas?

We’ll be glad to be your business partner. You can offer La Sudaca Food – Empanadas at your Restaurant, Bar or Food Truck.

We are in Sydney. Australia.